When will ATP ranking points of French open 2011 be deducted from players Tennis ranking points

In continuing with my quest to make every one of you an expert in ATP Ranking points, here’s another important article which I am sure, you will enjoy reading ::::

If you missed reading my previous article on the race for No. 2 between Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer, I will suggest you to firstly read that ::: Here’s the link (it had nothing to do with being a Roger or a Rafa fan, was simple practical explanation of ATP points covering even Djokovic, Murray & TOP 8 players :::


Ok, now, see the ATP ranking points that were announced by ATP on 21st May, 2012 ::: (See, it is practically impossible for me to cover more players other than top 8, so, if you have any question other than TOP 8, please drop in a comment after Logging in)

Here is how, the ranking points looked like of the top eight players immediately after the Italian Open, 2012 was over ::::

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Seedings & draw for French open, 2012 Roland Garros Paris

Ok, now as the Italian Open,  2012 is over & with Rafael Nadal having won it, Here are the seedings that will be announced for French Open, 2012,


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Well, as the seedings of French Open, 2012 will be made after Italian Open, 2012, so, in this post, I will be discussing the various scenarios in which Roger Federer will retain world No. 2 after Italian Open, 2012 or will .

As I explained above, the following are the points of the Top 4, that ATP will announce in a few hours time.

1. Novak Djokovic : almost 11,200 points

2. Roger Federer : 9430 points

3. Rafael Nadal :: 9105 points.

4. Andy Murray : 7140 points


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Can Roger Federer regain No. 2 Tennis Ranking from Rafael Nadal after Madrid Open & Italian Open 2012

These are the ATP points as last declared on April 30th, 2012
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So, now, as you can see after the triumph of Rafael Nadal at Barcelona Open, 2012, still the point difference between these two legends is 1290 points.

Since Roger Federer has to retain 360 points at Madrid Open by virtue of being semi-finalist in 2011 & 45 points at Rome (Italian Open) as he lost in 3rd Round in Italian Open, 2011.




Ok, now, that Roger Federer has regained No. 2 ranking after Madrid Open, I made a completely new post on what Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal need to do to retain/regain no. 2 ranking after Italian Open, 2012 to get the no. 2 seeding for French Open, 2012::







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