Can Roger Federer regain No. 2 Tennis Ranking from Rafael Nadal after Madrid Open & Italian Open 2012

These are the ATP points as last declared on April 30th, 2012
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So, now, as you can see after the triumph of Rafael Nadal at Barcelona Open, 2012, still the point difference between these two legends is 1290 points.

Since Roger Federer has to retain 360 points at Madrid Open by virtue of being semi-finalist in 2011 & 45 points at Rome (Italian Open) as he lost in 3rd Round in Italian Open, 2011.




Ok, now, that Roger Federer has regained No. 2 ranking after Madrid Open, I made a completely new post on what Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal need to do to retain/regain no. 2 ranking after Italian Open, 2012 to get the no. 2 seeding for French Open, 2012::




Please read all further details as to how Roger federer can get back the No. 2 ATP Ranking from Rafael Nadal before French Open, 2012 (Roland Garros, 2012), on our tennis site ——————————————

Calluses on Roger Federer hand as shown in an interview by Andreas W. Schmid for Feusiberg, Switzerland


This interview with Roger was taken by Andreas W. Schmidin Feusiberg, Switzerland and it was printed in the Basler Zeitung


“Roger invited a handful journalists to Feusisberg. At the beginning all of them asked questions together.

After that, the journalists got to sit together with Roger alone to ask their own questions.

So here is the FULL interview with Andreas W. Schmid. I translated it from german to english and wrote everything myself. Please bear with my english…

Q:Roger Federer, you have calluses on your hands…

Roger Federer: … so what?

Q: Well, Having calluses comes from working .. and we thought, everything just seems so easy for you.


Continue Reading the interview on our Tennis website here for more details on what Roger Federer had to say on the calluses on his hand to Andreas W. Schmid for the interview as displayed in Feusiberg, Switzerland..

here's the full extract of interview :::::::::

Special credit to Penabaza for this excellent translation….

Keep reading for Roger Federer’s take on Basel, Olympics & so many other things :)


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