Seedings & draw for French open, 2012 Roland Garros Paris

Ok, now as the Italian Open,  2012 is over & with Rafael Nadal having won it, Here are the seedings that will be announced for French Open, 2012,


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Well, as the seedings of French Open, 2012 will be made after Italian Open, 2012, so, in this post, I will be discussing the various scenarios in which Roger Federer will retain world No. 2 after Italian Open, 2012 or will .

As I explained above, the following are the points of the Top 4, that ATP will announce in a few hours time.

1. Novak Djokovic : almost 11,200 points

2. Roger Federer : 9430 points

3. Rafael Nadal :: 9105 points.

4. Andy Murray : 7140 points


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  • FedFan

    Rankings are based on 12 months, so every tournament you subtract last year’s points and add this year’s points, right? 
    Since Federer reached the semi finals already, this means he gains at least 360 points, last year he lost in round 3. So his ranking points are going to be at least 9430+360-45 = 9745 even if he loses. Even if Nadal wins (1000 points), he reached the finals last year (600 points), so the best he can do is 9105+1000-600 = 9505. So if I did this right, Federer is guaranteed the No. 2 seed in the French Open.