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A very warm welcome to you all coming from Twitter & G plus.

My name is Vibhu batra & I’m in to the profession of Management and Taxation Consultancy.

I am a very Proud Indian & a Philanthropist & by hobby, I am a Film Maker ,Lyricist, Blogger, Tech & Gadget lover & a keen follower of Hockey & of course, Tennis. I am a SunSet Worshipper (yes, you read it right, whole world, might worship the rising sun but I believe in worshipping the setting Sun).

80% of my Tweets & G plus posts are related to Tennis. Feel free to follow me for in-depth coverage of Tennis rankings & stats. I usually cover both ATP & WTA.

I also post Quotes, Philanthropical appeals including Blood Donation requests (I myself am a regular Blood Donator & donate once every quarter religiously).

For all my Tennis writings, please visit :   www.RogerFedererFans.com.

My e-mail id is [email protected] ,Feel free to contact for any query, complaint or any feed-back or to contribute any post.

Mandatory Disclosure ::

All the Updates made here are in my personal capacity & not as a member of any Organization or any Institute

I shall be Solely & Independently responsible & Liable for all the posts posted only by me in my Individual capacity..

It will be very safe to presume that I & My associates are having positions (either on the positive or negative side) in the companies (Listed or Unlisted) or other Financial Assets/Ideas/Patents/Trade-Marks about which I post (Blog, Tweet or Share about)..

Please consult your own Independent Financial analyst before taking any financial decision..

Also, please note that the follow-up comments posted by the other readers are their own personal views & I have no direct or indirect control over them..

Also, I undertake that, this Blog ,Twitter id & Google Plus accounts have been created just to be in touch with my family & friends & in no way, will ever be used to solicit any professional work or client (directly or indirectly)..

Also, I follow a 100% spam-free policy, I assure you that your e-mail id or details won’t ever be given to any third party at any cost.

Thanks !!!

Vibhu batra

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