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Just now, Andy Murray announced a competition where in one (yes, one) lucky winner will get a racket signed by him. You too can participate in that contest right here.



Okay, let me quickly answer this question. Firstly, the question is not as simple as it looks to be.


Reasons —-


(i) On 26.09.2005 (just before the start of Thailand Open, where Murray got a wild card), Murray was ranked #109th with 396 ranking points. On that very day, the #100th ranked player was Albert Costa with 410 points.


(ii) So, in simple words, what I intend to explain is that Murray needed about 14 points to break in to Top 100.


Thailand Open then was a part of ATP International Series



During those days, the following were the points that players used to get ATP International Series including Thailand Open


Round 64 losing player 1 point

Round 32 losing player 3 points

Round 16 losing player 5 points

Round 8 (QF) losing player 12 points

Round 4 (SF) losing player 22 points

Losing Finalist got 35 points

Winner got 50 points


So, according to me, after Andy Murray wn his QF match, he surely booked his place in the Top-100 for the first time.


& his opponent in the QF was Robby Ginepri.


So, my technical answer is Robby Ginepri :).


But, wikipedia page of Andy Murray suggests the answer is Paradorn Srichaphan :)..


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  • Shay

    I like your analysis but not sure about the 14 points. Albert Costa or any other player close to the 100th ranking could have lost points by not being able to defend his results from the 2004 season.

    • http://WWW.VIBHUISM.COM/ Vibhu batra

      That’s a good point :). So, which player are u suggesting? The whole word seems to be unanimous on paradorn srichapan :)…

  • ben

    I saw this number of points for Thailand open today:

    W 250pts

    F 150pts

    SF 90pts

    QF 45pts

    R16 20pts

    R28 12pts

    Are your point numbers 100% right?

    • http://WWW.VIBHUISM.COM/ Vibhu batra

      Hey Ben, these points system came along 2009 onwards. Before that, the ATP points were the ones that I mentioned above.

  • Charlotte

    If Murray needed 14 points and the QF only gave him 12 then surely it’s whoever he played in the SF, in this case Srichaphan?

  • Hit_Girl

    It’s Andy Roddick… he he, I wan’t that racket so bad! Paradorn is a good guess though, but wrong. Or maybe it is him, or not… I really want that racket! I think you both got the points facts wrong… that’s about what I can say.

  • george king

    All depends on where albert costa came really.