Roger Federer Outfit Dress Uniform Cap Shirt Shorts Shoes for Wimbledon 2012

As you all are aware that Nike is the sponsor of Roger Federer’s outfits.


So, a few days back, Nike announced the dress of Roger Federer for AELTC, Wimbledon 2012, London….



Here is a complete summary of his dress, along with a extensive discussion on his outfit ::


This is how, his T-shirt will look like :::



  • 563187_376083522437998_147524471960572_1040983_1014380295_n.jpg


  • 562950_376083592437991_147524471960572_1040985_1154248051_n.jpg



For seeing, the complete outfit along with detailed discussion on the dress, Much talked Nike ZOOM Vapor 9 Tour shoes , RF cap, jacket, jersey, socks, shorts,  please visit the official Roger Federer fans web site, here is the link for the same —-