When will ATP ranking points of French open 2011 be deducted from players Tennis ranking points

In continuing with my quest to make every one of you an expert in ATP Ranking points, here’s another important article which I am sure, you will enjoy reading ::::

If you missed reading my previous article on the race for No. 2 between Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer, I will suggest you to firstly read that ::: Here’s the link (it had nothing to do with being a Roger or a Rafa fan, was simple practical explanation of ATP points covering even Djokovic, Murray & TOP 8 players :::


Ok, now, see the ATP ranking points that were announced by ATP on 21st May, 2012 ::: (See, it is practically impossible for me to cover more players other than top 8, so, if you have any question other than TOP 8, please drop in a comment after Logging in)

Here is how, the ranking points looked like of the top eight players immediately after the Italian Open, 2012 was over ::::

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Who amongst Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic Roger Federer Andy Murray will win French Open 2012?


The much awaited French Open 2012 is set to begin from Sunday . The Draw came out on Friday.
Among Top men Federer landed with a daunting draw which has often been the case for him .
Rafael Nadal has the easiest draw among the top men , basically facing no real threat en route
to the final . Both Djokovic and Murray’s draws are manageable and they should make the semis .
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Federer faces Kamke of Germany on Monday in the 1st round . This match -up shouldn’t pose any real
threat to Federer .I expect him to win in straight sets .From 2R onwards things get a little tricky.
Federer will potentially face Nalbandian ,his old nemesis in 2R.



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Special credit to Madhumita basu the writer of this fab article :) ..



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Pics of Roger Federer Mirka with Federer Twins Daughters Charlene Riva Myla Rose at Paris

Want to see pics of Roger Federer & Mirka Federer & their cute twin daughters, Myla Rose & Charlene Riva with their swiss nannys,


find all pics of them here on our tennis web-site







Here are some exclusive pics of Roger Federer’s twins Charlene Riva and Myla Rose taken at paris on 27th May, 2012.

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Roger Federer latest interview about French Open 2012 & chances of rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros

Just a few minutes back, I was reading a latest interview in which Roger Federer spoke about his, Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic chances at French Open,2012.

Link of that interview ::





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Roger Federer socks dilemma at French Open 2012

Well, have you guys wondered that even legends like Roger Federer can be in dilemma? Is the dilemma on how to beat Novak Djokovic in semis & Rafael Nadal in semis?

Ok, see these pics to understand what’s the one big issue that’s confusing the swiss maestro?

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Printable Draw for French Open 2012 Roland Garros

The draw for French Open 2012 is out & as as always, we posted it on our tennis site here…



ATP Rankings points announced after Italian Open 2012 just one week prior to French Open

As you all know, that because of rains, the Italian Open, 2012 final was shifted to monday as a result of rains on Sunday.

So, because of the shifting of the final, ATP announced the ranking points on May 21st evening, instead of May 20th (Sunday)..

Here is how, the ranking points looks like of the top eight players ::::


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Exclusive photos and videos of Roger Federer is a “Racket-Star” on tour Credit Suisse’s new advertisent campaign

Just now, saw these wonderful pics of the brand new

“Roger Federer is a “Racket-Star” on tour Credit Suisse’s new ad. campaign.


I am sure, the pics will melt many of you :) ))


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For more pics see the link –>





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Will Roger Federer play at BNL d’Italia – Italian Open 2012, Rome ATP 1000 masters

Yesterday while playing the Madrid Open 2012 final, I noticed that Roger Federer got a slight thigh or hip strain?

So, now the big question is ::

Will Roger federer play at BNL d’Italia – Italian Open 2012, Rome ATP 1000 masters —



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Vibhu batra….

Recent Photos of Mirka Federer, Federer Twins Charlene Riva Myla Rose

  • Here are a few pics for you all of Mirka Federer & Roger Federer twins Myla Rose & Charlene Riva.


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1.  http://www.rogerfedererfans.com/forum/topic/254-photos-of-mirka-federer-charlene-riva-myla-rose-federer-twins-taken-in-madrid/




Some more pics on this link  :::



2.  http://www.rogerfedererfans.com/forum/topic/198-recent-photos-of-roger-federer-mirka-federer-cutest-twins-myla-rose-charlene-riva/



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3.      http://www.rogerfedererfans.com/forum/topic/269-roger-federer-and-mirka-federer-with-twins-myla-rose-and-charlene-riva-at-madrid-open-final-2012/



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