Predicting the Men’s singles seedings for Wimbledon 2013

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So, finally the Grass season is here :). Though, I often wonder, why people call it a  season. There are hardly 4 ATP-250 tournaments on Grass namely Halle, Queen’s, then Aegon intl in Eastbourne & then Topshelf Open in Holland.

There is no way in the world that any of the Top guys can play in more than one tournament ahead of the prestigious Wimbledon which starts in 2 weeks after Roland Garros. Though, things will change from 2015 onwards as there will be  3 weeks gap between French Open and Wimbledon and a new ATP-500 tournament in Stuttgart, Germany will be played on Grass.


So, now, lets turn our attention to Wimbledon Championships. As, all of you will be aware that Wimbledon this year is starting from 24th June, 2013. The Wimbledon 2013 official draw ceremony of Men’s and Ladies singles will be held on 21st June, 2013 at 10 am BST or 11 am CEST or 14:30 IST or 16 CST/PHT or 19 AEST or 9 am GMT or 5 am EDT (New York Time).


Picture of AERIAL shot of all courts of Wimbledon


Most of you would have heard that Wimbledon unlike other grand slams gives Men’s seedings differently from ATP Rankings.


Yes, the Governing body of Grand slams ITF allows grand slams to adopt different seedings than the Computer rankings (ATP or WTA), subject to a couple of rules.


Wimbledon organizing committee believes playing Wimbledon championship (on Grass) requires some additional skill, so they believe in making surface adjustment for Grass court surfaces.


I have explained these questions plus the formula that the Wimbledon organizing committee uses for seedings players in a new post on our forum and here is the link —-

The good thing is that they have a clearly stated rule for Men’s seeding, for Ladies seeding, the rule just states that, the organizing committee can make the desired changes to make the draw more balanced.



Now, that we know, the theoretical explanation of Wimbledon seedings , how will the seedings of Wimbledon 2013 look like?


Okay, as I explained —-

Djokovic will be the #1 seed

Murray will be the #2 seed

Roger Federer will the #3 seed (yes, you read it right, in spite of being the defending champion of Wimbledon, Federer will be seeded 3rd at Wimbledon, 2013)


David Ferrer #4


& Rafa Nadal #5


Now, what that means is that Rafa Nadal might get to face either Djokovic or Murray or Federer or even Ferrer in the quarters.


In the worst case scenario, Roger Federer might get Rafa Nadal in Quarters, Andy Murray in semis and Novak Djokovic in finals (which will be decided at the time of draw of Wimbledon 2013).


Same implies for Djokovic & Andy Murray.


In Tennis (be it ATP or WTA Tournaments or grand slams), in the Quarter-Finals, No. 1 to No. 4 can play any one from No. 5 to No. 8 (which is again decided at the time of draw).


& In the semis, it can be either 2 vs 3 or 2 vs 4 or 1 vs 3 or 1 vs 4…. This 2 vs 3 or 2 vs 4 is decided at the time of draw.


All this about seedings of Wimbledon 2013, why do they chose different seedings, how seedings get done and details on 2013 seedings is available in my article on our forum, read it here —–


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