Why Madrid Open clay courts are faster than other Clay Courts?

The next ATP1000 & WTA Premier Mandatory tournament is the Mutua Madrid Open starting this Monday, May 6th, 2013. In case, you are yet to see the draw, see it here.


Last year (2012), as an experiment Blue Clay was used & this year i.e. in 2013, we are back to the traditional Red clay. If you are interested to know how Blue Clay and Red Clay differ, then read it right here. Players have started reaching Madrid and have started practicing for the Mutua Madrid Open. of all the cities where the European clay season is held, namely Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Paris, Madrid is situated at the highest altitude.

sugarmama red clay.jpeg

Now, as we all know that clay courts at Madrid are fastest in the world. The main reason for that is Madrid is situated at an Altitude of almost 667 meters or 2188 Feet above the sea level.


Altitude plays a big role in the courts being fast as higher the altitude, the lower is the air pressure and resistance.


So, what’s the scientific reason for courts being situated on a higher altitude being faster?


Which sort of players are likely to get benefitted out of these faster courts at Mutua Madrid Open (Madrid Masters)?


Which ATP or WTA player is likely to do well at Mutua Madrid Open 2013?


WHy do the courts at high altitude like Madrid so difficult to play for baseliners and why does the Topspin become a negative factor at higher altitude courts like Madrid Masters?


Which sort of high altitude balls are used at courts which are situated at higher altitude like Madrid Masters?


For an in-depth discussion on all these questions and with great insights from players and coaches who play at high altitude and from some Madrid residents, see this detailed post on our forum to know how high altitude impacts courts, players and playing conditions —-





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Seedings and ATP Detailed Draw of 2013 Mutua Madrid Open (Madrid Masters)

The seedings of Mutua Madrid Open got announced announced today. Juan Martin Del Potro has withdrawn from Madrid Masters because of a viral fever.




 All other seedings as per the ATP rankings as last announced on 29th April, 2013. First 8 seeds will receive a draw from Round-1.


In the Top half , Djokovic and Murray are scheduled to meet in the semis

and In the bottom half, we might possibly see Federer vs Nadal in the 2nd semi.

Also, Nadal and Ferrer will face-off in the Quarter-finals.


Roger Federer has an easy draw leading up to semi-finals. His 2nd round opponent will most probably be Bernard Tomic


Djokovic is scheduled to meet Dimitrov in Round-2 and Wawrinka in Round-3.


For the full draw, seedings, see the following detailed post on our forum —–






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Exclusive interview of Stanislas Wawrinka taken by Rene Stauffer (28th April, 2013)

Rene Stauffer interviewed Stanislas Wawrinka for Sonntagszeitung. The interview was published in today’s edition of Sonntagszeitung and is in German.





In the interview Rene Stauffer asked Stan Wawrinka about his new coach Magnus Norman, his 2013 seasons, his goals for the year, can Stan Wawrinka reach the Top-10 and what are his other priorities.


Stan Wawrinka also talked about his fans and how much he enjoys while interacting with fans on Twitter, re-tweeting funny pictures and messages.


Also, Stan Wawrinka talked about he has grown over the years in the shadow of Roger Federer and will Roger Federer play Davis Cup world group play off in September, 2013.



Here is my English translation of the full interview —-




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Ivo Karlovic suffers a stroke and is in a Miami hospital

Just now read Report in Vecernji List newspaper that Ivo Karlovic (the 34 year old Croatian ATP Player)  is in a Miami hospital after suffering a mild stroke.


Reports initially surfaced on a Facebook fan page and Croatian newspaper Ve?ernji list confirmed the reports with Karlovic’s family. Karlovic’s father, Vlado, confirmed the reports to the press and was reportedly visibly upset because the family has yet to receive a definitive diagnosis from doctors.

The paper reports Karlovic was initially released from the hospital but was readmitted after falling ill again.

Karlovic is the tallest player ever on the ATP Tour at 208 cm (6 ft 10 in). Karlovic has held the record for the fastest serve recorded in professional tennis, measured at 251 km/h (156 mph) and is considered one of the best servers on tour. He has won 4 ATP singles titles on the tour.


Really hope, he gets well soon. My good wishes and prayers.


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Detailed disussion on No. 2 ATP Ranking tussle between Roger Federer and Andy Murray

Hey all,


Recently after Andy Murray lost in the 3rd round to Stanislas Wawrinka at Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, 2013 , Murray lost his No. 2 ATP Ranking to Roger Federer.


As Andy Murray has skipped Barcelona Open 2013, so he is gonna lose 90 points earned last year.


This is how ATP Points of Federer & Murray will look like on 29.04.2013 (after Barcelona)


Federer: 8670

Murray:  8570


So, after Barcelona, we will be left with only 2 tournaments before French Open, 2013 begins.



Picture of Andy Murray on left and Roger Federer taken at WTF 2012


Now, the main questions that are relevant if you a Murray or a Federer fan or ATP rankings fan?


Will Roger Federer be able to retain his #2 ATP Ranking after Madrid Masters or Mutua Madrid Open 2013 or will Andy Murray regain the #2 ranking after Madrid 2013?


As the seedings for French Open will be based on the ATP Rankings announced after Internazionali BNL d’Italia Italian Open 2013 or Rome Masters 2013, so the most important question is will Federer or Murray will be #2 after Rome 2013?


Getting the No. 2 seeding for French Open, 2013 might just make it easier for Murray or Federer (who ever is seeded No. 2) to reach the finals of French Open, 2013 as they won’t have to face the hot favorite Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of Roland Garros, French Open, 2013.



For an in-depth analysis of Federer & Murray’s ATP ranking leading up to French Open & their possible seeding at French Open, 2013, see this detailed discussion on our forum —




Also, I have been discussing this for quite long now, but still Rafael Nadal has a mathematical chance to regain #4 ATP Ranking from David Ferrer before French Open, 2013.


If you are yet to see, you can see that detailed calculation sheet on our forum & here is the link of that —-





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Will Rafael Nadal play at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013?

Hey all,


Today morning, many Swiss newspapers reported that Swiss Indoors, Basel tournament president Roger Brennwald (whom Google translator always translates as Burning Forests for reasons which are beyond me) is in advanced talks with Rafael Nadal for playing at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013.


I was shell-shocked to hear this news. Mainly because I don’t think, Rafa’s knees are that perfect that he can risk playing an ATP-500 tournament.


So, will Rafa Nadal sign up a contract with Swiss Indoors, Basel for playing in 2013?



rafa muscles.jpeg


Photo of shirt-less Rafael Nadal as he changes his shirt after the Quarter-final match of Barcelona Open. Pic taken by Enrique Carrion



So, I wrote a full fledged article on our Tennis forum mentioning why I feel that Rafa Nadal shouldn’t play at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013, even if gets offered a 1 million CHF/ USD contract offer.


You can read the full article here —-





PS: Also, I need to mention that amidst all rumors, Roger Federer in an interview to Rene Stauffer had clarified that he will be playing at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013 without a contract. I had also translated the full interview, even Rene Stauffer had actually tweeted the link. In case, you missed that translated interview of Roger Federer given to Rene Stauffer, you can read it on our forum right here.


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Should Rafael Nadal be given a protected seeding or a top 4 seeding at French Open, 2013?


Yesterday there was a report in a French Website RMCSPORT, which quoted Roland Garros committee member and former French Davis Cup captain Guy Forget as, “Roland Garros should change the seedings system for French Open, 2013 to avoid a Quarter-Final clash between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as it would be a shame to see Rafa and Djokovic playing in the Quarters,”



Before we go any further, let me firstly clarify that Rafael Nadal still has a mathematical chance of regaining No. 4 ranking before French Open, 2013. For a detailed in-depth analysis as to how it is possible, click here.



Now, let us consider, that Rafael Nadal won’t be able to regain 4th Rank before French Open, 2013 & will be ranked 5th after Italian Open (Rome Masters), 2013. So, if we go by Rankings, Rafa Nadal would get the 5th Seeding at French Open, 2013.


So, what that means, Rafa Nadal being the 5th seed can face any of the Top-4 seeds in the Quarter-Finals of French Open, 2013.





So, should the Roland Garros organizing committee do the same like Wimbledon does & tinker the seedings for French Open, 2013?



Should Rafael Nadal be given a special or a protected seeding of #4 at French Open, 2013 to keep the interest in the tournament alive?


How fair will it be give a higher seeding to Rafa Nadal given that David Ferrer will be 300 points ahead of Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray will be 2200 ATP points ahead of Rafael Nadal?


Should Rafael Nadal be given a higher seeding (at Roland Garros, 2013) than David Ferrer or Andy Murray if he fails to regain the No. 4 ranking before the French Open, 2013?


As John McEnroe suggested, should Rafa Nadal be given the No. 1 seeding for French Open, 2013?


I started this discussion along with a poll on our Tennis forum. For an in-depth analysis, comments & poll, jump straight to the forum & here is the link —-




Thanks for reading


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Will Rafael Nadal be able to get No. 4 seeding for Roland Garros, French Open 2013?


This post by me is a detailed discussion & explanation of Rafael Nadal’s ranking points of 2013. This post covers all scenarios under which Rafa Nadal can regain no  4 ranking from David Ferrer.

flying rafael.jpeg



As, I had recently explained that Rafael Nadal after spending almost 7 years & 8 months in the Top-4 moved down to No. 5 in the rankings after Australian Open, 2013. So, as a result of the No. 5 ranking, Nadal got the No. 5 seeding at Indian Wells & thus, had to play vs Federer in the Quarter-Finals of BNP Paribas Open, 2013.


Before, I get in to discussion about Rafa’s ranking, let me remind you that players seeded 5th to 8th get to play players seeded 1st to 4th in the Quarter-Finals. Thus, if a player of Rafa Nadal’s quality gets to play any of the Top 3 guys in the Quarters, that in itself is a semi-final.


This discussion covers the following in details :


(I) How many ATP Ranking points Rafael Nadal has to defend before the start of French Open, Roland Garros, 2013?

(ii) How many ATP ranking points David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych, Juan Martin Del potro, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga have to defend before the start of French Open, 2013?

(iii) Will Rafa Nadal be able to regain the No. 4 ranking from David Ferrer and thus be seeded 4th at French Open, 2013?

(iv) If Rafael Nadal doesn’t have a good Monte Carlo masters, Barcelona open, Mutua Mardrid Open and Italian Open, can Rafa Nadal’s ranking fall more or will Nadal’s ranking will be 5th?

(v) Will Rafael Nadal be able to keep his ranking in the Top-8 before French Open, 2013 so that he doesn’t have to face any of the Top 4 in the pre-Quarter-final which will be really-2 sad.

I discussed all these questions and virtually every thing related to Rafa Nadal’s ranking compared to other Top 8 players on our Tennis forum. If interested here is the link ———-




For any other questions, drop in a comment on our forum or follow me on twitter here.

ATP Tennis Ranking possibilities after Barclays World Tour Finals Final Showdown, O2, London 2012

As you will be aware the season ending World Tour Finals (WTF) is starting from 5th November, 2012 at O2, London. The Top-8 players (excluding Rafa Nadal who withdrew from WTF because of a knee injury) will be participating in the World Tour Finals, if you are yet to see the draw, see it here.

In this detailed post of mine, I am covering all the ATP Ranking scenarios that can arise or change after World Tour Finals, 2012.


(Pic Source : ATP WTF GALA)

As I explained in my another article, as ATP had sent me a clarification that Basel/Valencia 2011, Bercy Masters, 2011 & World Tour Finals, 2011 will drop-down in the ATP Rankings to be announced on 5th November, 2012.



So, many people have asked me ::



I) how the ATP ranking possibilities will look like after World Tour Finals 2012 ?


ii) What will the Tennis 2012 year-end rankings & points will be?


iii) Why ATP deducted 3000 points from Roger Federer’s ranking points after Federer skipped BNP PARIBAS BERCY PARIS MASTERS 2012?


iv) Does Andy Murray have any chance left to end 2012 as the No .2 ?



v) Now, that Novak Djokovic has regained No. 1 ranking on 5th November, 2012, can Roger Federer regain No. 1 ranking if he wins the Barclays World Tour Finals, 2012 undefeated?



vi) What is the draw, schedule of the season ending World Tour Finals (WTF)?


Vii) How is the draw of World Tour Finals (WTF) made?


viii) What other changes in ATP Rankings of David Ferrer, Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych, Juan Martin Del potro, Janko Tipsarevic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Richard Gasquet can be we see after World Tour Finals, 2012?


ix) Will Rafael Nadal end 2012 as Number. 4 or can David Ferrer snatch this No. 4 ranking from Rafa Nadal after World Tour Finals, 2012?


For the answer to all these questions, see this detailed write-up on our Tennis forum ——





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Difference between ATP year-end Tennis Ranking, how Normal Tennis ranking points differ from Year to Date (Race to London) Rankings

Firstly, its a theoretical explanation of ATP Rankings, so, I advise, only the serious readers to keep reading :).

For the past 40 days (after US Open), I have been virtually flooded by queries related to Year-end, Normal Rankings & Year to date Rankings (which ATP refers to as Race to London on the ATP Web-site).


The first & foremost question which seems to confuse majority of people is ::

The whole world is saying Roger Federer is the Tennis world’s no. 1, but why is the Mens Tennis governing body ATP’s web-site is showing Roger Federer as No. 2 while Novak Djokovic is being shown No. 1?


If you open the ATP web-site & click on Rankings on the Top, this is what you get to see first & foremost :::::: (immediately after US Open)


If you closely see on the LHS (Left Hand side), there are 5 types of rankings that ATP displays on its web-site.

(i) (Normal 52 weeks) Singles Rankings
(ii) Singles Race to London,
(iii) Doubles Rankings,


(iv) Doubles Team Race to London
(v) YTD Challengers Rankings.

PS: YTD here by means the Year to Date & year here in means the calendar year starting on 1st January.

Now, the next realistic question is why has ATP made Race to London or the singles YTD Rankings as the default rankings on its web-site? Or, in simpler words, why is that YTD Rankings (Race to London) opens up on the ATP web-site by default when you click on Rankings?



I explained every thing that you needed to know about ATP rankings and how points are given in the Normal Rankings, Year To Date rankings Race to London Rankings and how year-end rankings and how top 30 commitment players are chosen in my article on my favorite tennis web-site.



Here is the link of my article —-






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