Predicting the Men’s singles seedings for Wimbledon 2013

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So, finally the Grass season is here :). Though, I often wonder, why people call it a  season. There are hardly 4 ATP-250 tournaments on Grass namely Halle, Queen’s, then Aegon intl in Eastbourne & then Topshelf Open in Holland.

There is no way in the world that any of the Top guys can play in more than one tournament ahead of the prestigious Wimbledon which starts in 2 weeks after Roland Garros. Though, things will change from 2015 onwards as there will be  3 weeks gap between French Open and Wimbledon and a new ATP-500 tournament in Stuttgart, Germany will be played on Grass.


So, now, lets turn our attention to Wimbledon Championships. As, all of you will be aware that Wimbledon this year is starting from 24th June, 2013. The Wimbledon 2013 official draw ceremony of Men’s and Ladies singles will be held on 21st June, 2013 at 10 am BST or 11 am CEST or 14:30 IST or 16 CST/PHT or 19 AEST or 9 am GMT or 5 am EDT (New York Time).


Picture of AERIAL shot of all courts of Wimbledon


Most of you would have heard that Wimbledon unlike other grand slams gives Men’s seedings differently from ATP Rankings.


Yes, the Governing body of Grand slams ITF allows grand slams to adopt different seedings than the Computer rankings (ATP or WTA), subject to a couple of rules.


Wimbledon organizing committee believes playing Wimbledon championship (on Grass) requires some additional skill, so they believe in making surface adjustment for Grass court surfaces.


I have explained these questions plus the formula that the Wimbledon organizing committee uses for seedings players in a new post on our forum and here is the link —-

The good thing is that they have a clearly stated rule for Men’s seeding, for Ladies seeding, the rule just states that, the organizing committee can make the desired changes to make the draw more balanced.



Now, that we know, the theoretical explanation of Wimbledon seedings , how will the seedings of Wimbledon 2013 look like?


Okay, as I explained —-

Djokovic will be the #1 seed

Murray will be the #2 seed

Roger Federer will the #3 seed (yes, you read it right, in spite of being the defending champion of Wimbledon, Federer will be seeded 3rd at Wimbledon, 2013)


David Ferrer #4


& Rafa Nadal #5


Now, what that means is that Rafa Nadal might get to face either Djokovic or Murray or Federer or even Ferrer in the quarters.


In the worst case scenario, Roger Federer might get Rafa Nadal in Quarters, Andy Murray in semis and Novak Djokovic in finals (which will be decided at the time of draw of Wimbledon 2013).


Same implies for Djokovic & Andy Murray.


In Tennis (be it ATP or WTA Tournaments or grand slams), in the Quarter-Finals, No. 1 to No. 4 can play any one from No. 5 to No. 8 (which is again decided at the time of draw).


& In the semis, it can be either 2 vs 3 or 2 vs 4 or 1 vs 3 or 1 vs 4…. This 2 vs 3 or 2 vs 4 is decided at the time of draw.


All this about seedings of Wimbledon 2013, why do they chose different seedings, how seedings get done and details on 2013 seedings is available in my article on our forum, read it here —–


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Roger Federer will answer questions on Reddit on Friday at 1:30 pm EDT

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Roger Federer will tomorrow (Friday, 24th May, 2013) become the biggest sports star to host an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session on the social news site Reddit at 1:30 p.m. EDT (New York Time) or 17:30 GMT or 18:30 BST (London Time) or 19:30 CEST (Paris Time) or 23:00 IST (Delhi Time) or 01:30 PHT/CST (Phillipines/ Beijing time) or 03:30 AEST (Melbourne time).





If you are interested where exactly will Roger Federer will be answering questions and which questions will he be answering, you can see those right here.


Reddit is basically a is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of either a link or a text (“self”) post. Other users then vote the submission “up” or “down”, which is used to rank the post and determine its position on the site’s pages and front page.


Here in on the thread for “AMA” or “Ask me Anything” from Roger Federer, users are themselves voting questions up, so the  questions that get maximum votes will be answered by Roger Federer.


No wonder, Reddit is a formidable force in the social networking arena and in just 20 months of it being online is ranked 117th worldwide in Amazon’s Alexa worldwide websites Traffic Rankings.


Any how, what questions would you like to ask from Roger Federer?


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French Open 2013 seedings will be as per ATP Rankings and Rafa Nadal won’t be given a higher seeding than his ATP ranking

Gilbert Ysern, the Tournament director at the French Open in an interview to French newspaper l’Equipe clarified that seeding of Rafael Nadal at French Open, 2013 will not be upgraded to No. 1 or No.2.





This should now stop all the speculation of Rafael Nadal being given a higher seeding than his ATP Ranking. Many Tennis legends had suggested giving Rafa Nadal a higher seeding of #1 or #2 at French Open, 2013. That means, Rafael Nadal will at best be seeded 5th or 4th as per his ATP Ranking after Italian Open, 2013 (Rome Masters) to be announced on 20th May, 2013.

Rafael Nadal still has a mathematical chance of regaining No. 4 ranking before French Open, 2013. For a detailed in-depth analysis as to how it is possible, click here.


Roland Garros Tournament director Gilbert Ysern yesterday clarified to a French Newspaper l’Equipe that French Open 2013 seedings will be as per the ATP Rankings and Rafa Nadal won’t be given a higher seeding of #1 or #2. Read more about it right here on our forum——–




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Why Madrid Open clay courts are faster than other Clay Courts?

The next ATP1000 & WTA Premier Mandatory tournament is the Mutua Madrid Open starting this Monday, May 6th, 2013. In case, you are yet to see the draw, see it here.


Last year (2012), as an experiment Blue Clay was used & this year i.e. in 2013, we are back to the traditional Red clay. If you are interested to know how Blue Clay and Red Clay differ, then read it right here. Players have started reaching Madrid and have started practicing for the Mutua Madrid Open. of all the cities where the European clay season is held, namely Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Paris, Madrid is situated at the highest altitude.

sugarmama red clay.jpeg

Now, as we all know that clay courts at Madrid are fastest in the world. The main reason for that is Madrid is situated at an Altitude of almost 667 meters or 2188 Feet above the sea level.


Altitude plays a big role in the courts being fast as higher the altitude, the lower is the air pressure and resistance.


So, what’s the scientific reason for courts being situated on a higher altitude being faster?


Which sort of players are likely to get benefitted out of these faster courts at Mutua Madrid Open (Madrid Masters)?


Which ATP or WTA player is likely to do well at Mutua Madrid Open 2013?


WHy do the courts at high altitude like Madrid so difficult to play for baseliners and why does the Topspin become a negative factor at higher altitude courts like Madrid Masters?


Which sort of high altitude balls are used at courts which are situated at higher altitude like Madrid Masters?


For an in-depth discussion on all these questions and with great insights from players and coaches who play at high altitude and from some Madrid residents, see this detailed post on our forum to know how high altitude impacts courts, players and playing conditions —-



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Ivo Karlovic suffers a stroke and is in a Miami hospital

Just now read Report in Vecernji List newspaper that Ivo Karlovic (the 34 year old Croatian ATP Player)  is in a Miami hospital after suffering a mild stroke.


Reports initially surfaced on a Facebook fan page and Croatian newspaper Ve?ernji list confirmed the reports with Karlovic’s family. Karlovic’s father, Vlado, confirmed the reports to the press and was reportedly visibly upset because the family has yet to receive a definitive diagnosis from doctors.

The paper reports Karlovic was initially released from the hospital but was readmitted after falling ill again.

Karlovic is the tallest player ever on the ATP Tour at 208 cm (6 ft 10 in). Karlovic has held the record for the fastest serve recorded in professional tennis, measured at 251 km/h (156 mph) and is considered one of the best servers on tour. He has won 4 ATP singles titles on the tour.


Really hope, he gets well soon. My good wishes and prayers.


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AIBA Boxing rules for challenging referees decision

I was literally in a state of shock when I saw Vijender Singh (ace Indian boxer) getting beaten by Uzbekistan’s Abbos Atoev 13-17 in a nail-biting quarterfinal of London 2012 Olympics boxing on Monday (August 6th, 2012).



Pic taken by me during the semi-final bout of Vijender singh at CWG Delhi October, 2010

(A shot taken by me during the CWG Delhi 2010 boxing Semi-final of Vijender singh in red)



The former World No. 1 middleweight(75 kgs) boxer Vijender Singh was tied at 3-3 after the first round but made a flurry of punches in the second round, yet the referees shockingly announced that the round score was 7-5.


Though Vijender made a strong quest in the third and final round, every analyst & commentator felt that Vijender had done sufficient to win the second & third round, yet the referees announced that the 3rd round score-card was 7-5.


Thus, Vijender shockingly lost the bout 13-17 ;((((((((((


Poor umpiring cost Vijender singh the chance to become the first Indian athlete to win two successive medals at Olympics games.


After having seen the bout about 20 times in the last 15 hours, I can tell you that at least 5 scoring punches of Vijender singh weren’t counted in the final score-sheet (4 from Round-2 & minimum of 1 from Round-3).


After the match, we all were discussing if Indian boxing contingent will be filing an appeal against the decision or not?


So, I had a detailed look-up at the International Boxing association (the regulator of Boxing is AIBA : International Amateur Boxing Association) rules for understanding the conditions where in the decision & announced result can be protested & here are all the details of my findings :::::::


(i) A protest/appeal against the judgement shall be submitted by the Team Leader or by the person having the highest position in the Team Delegation no later than 30 minutes after the completion of the bout.
Any protest shall be against the decision(s) of the Referee and/or Judges of the bout.

(ii) The protest shall be made in writing and handed to the Chairperson of the Competition Jury specifying definitive and clear reasons for the protest.


(iii) The protest fee is US$ 500. An administrative fee of US$ 100 will be deducted from this amount and the remaining amount will be refunded if the protest is upheld. If the protest is rejected, the entire fee will not be returned to the protester.


(iv) The Chairperson of the Competition Jury has the right to refuse the protest(s). In the case where the protest is accepted by the Chairperson of the Competition Jury, the evaluation shall be conducted only by members of the Competition Jury involved in the bout and immediately after the session is completed. The Chairperson of the Competition Jury shall inform the result of the evaluation and report to the Technical Delegate immediately.


The Technical Delegate will immediately inform both Team
Leaders verbally and thereafter in writing but no later than the Weigh-In and Medical Examination of the next day.


(v) A video recording of the protested bout(s) will be used to analyze the bout(s) in all AIBA Approved Events.

(vi) A protest during the Finals of a competition should be notified within 5 minutes of completion of the bout.

(vii) In the case of a protest during the Finals of a competition, the Award Ceremony will be postponed until the results of the evaluation are announced.

As Indian team haven’t filed the appeal with in 30 minutes, that effectively means Vijender singh is out of medals race.


The rules for scoring are very simple ::


During each round, a Judge shall assess the respective scores of each Boxer according to the number of scoring blows obtained. Each blow, to have a scoring value, must, without being blocked or guarded, land directly with the knuckle part of the closed glove of either hand on any part of the front or sides of the head or body above the belt.

Swings landing as above described are scoring blows.


The awarding of a point shall follow the principle of one point for every correct blow.


In case of any question or comment, feel free to drop in a comment.


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What are the odds on Roger Federer winning Wimbledon 2012?

After a tough, 3rd round match vs Benneteau, every one seems to be questioning,

Is Roger Federer getting slow?

Is age catching up on Roger Federer?

Why is his backhand letting him down?

Where has his famous backhand slice gone?

So, in this article of mine, I wish to answer all these questions & all your comments are welcome :).

Read on, if you wish to know, will Roger Federer be able to win Wimbledon 2012 or not?

Will all his fans, get to add one more Wimbledon trophy in this amazing collection of collage?

ermira WImb.jpg


So, does roger federer still has the energy left to win another wimbledon ??


Can Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the wimbledon 2012?


Can Roger Federer beat Andy Murray or Jo Wil Fried Tsonga in the final of wimbledon 2012?


What are the odds on Roger winning another wimbledon?

Will he be fit after his injury (read more about his back pain here )


To explain all this, I made a 10 point reasoning explaining, why I feel Roger Federer can win Wimbledon 2012?



Here is the link of my article on my Tennis site, look forward to all your comments there —–



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Mens Singles & Doubles Seedings & PDF Draw for Wimbledon 2012

The seedings for Wimbledon 2012 were announced on 20th June, 2012


& The draw for Men’s singles & doubles will be announced on Friday, 22nd June, 2012 at about 5 am EDT or 9 am GMT or 10 am BST or 11 am CEST or 14:30 IST or 19 EST…


For a comprehensive discussion on the seedings & draw of Wimbledon 2012, visit our Tennis site —-





Toni Nadal views on Roger Federer in an interview to Swiss Smash Magazine

Firstly, before I start writing about the latest interview, let me tell you all that I am a very big fan of Mr. Toni Nadal. I have always loved the way, he has been truthful on & off the court.

Of course, the cry babies & nay sayer haters will bombard me with incidents where there has been rift with other players, but, its part & parcel of the game.

In his latest interview given to a Swiss magazine “Smash” which is scheduled to release on Sunday ::

Posted Image

Uncle Toni spoke about a variety of issues including Rafa’s injury & knees, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic.

Here are a few excerpt from his latest interview to “Smash” Magazine :::



Continue reading the article on our Tennis website, here is the link