Difference between ATP year-end Tennis Ranking, how Normal Tennis ranking points differ from Year to Date (Race to London) Rankings

Firstly, its a theoretical explanation of ATP Rankings, so, I advise, only the serious readers to keep reading :).

For the past 40 days (after US Open), I have been virtually flooded by queries related to Year-end, Normal Rankings & Year to date Rankings (which ATP refers to as Race to London on the ATP Web-site).


The first & foremost question which seems to confuse majority of people is ::

The whole world is saying Roger Federer is the Tennis world’s no. 1, but why is the Mens Tennis governing body ATP’s web-site is showing Roger Federer as No. 2 while Novak Djokovic is being shown No. 1?


If you open the ATP web-site & click on Rankings on the Top, this is what you get to see first & foremost :::::: (immediately after US Open)


If you closely see on the LHS (Left Hand side), there are 5 types of rankings that ATP displays on its web-site.

(i) (Normal 52 weeks) Singles Rankings
(ii) Singles Race to London,
(iii) Doubles Rankings,


(iv) Doubles Team Race to London
(v) YTD Challengers Rankings.

PS: YTD here by means the Year to Date & year here in means the calendar year starting on 1st January.

Now, the next realistic question is why has ATP made Race to London or the singles YTD Rankings as the default rankings on its web-site? Or, in simpler words, why is that YTD Rankings (Race to London) opens up on the ATP web-site by default when you click on Rankings?



I explained every thing that you needed to know about ATP rankings and how points are given in the Normal Rankings, Year To Date rankings Race to London Rankings and how year-end rankings and how top 30 commitment players are chosen in my article on my favorite tennis web-site.



Here is the link of my article —-






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