Toni Nadal views on Roger Federer in an interview to Swiss Smash Magazine

Firstly, before I start writing about the latest interview, let me tell you all that I am a very big fan of Mr. Toni Nadal. I have always loved the way, he has been truthful on & off the court.

Of course, the cry babies & nay sayer haters will bombard me with incidents where there has been rift with other players, but, its part & parcel of the game.

In his latest interview given to a Swiss magazine “Smash” which is scheduled to release on Sunday ::

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Uncle Toni spoke about a variety of issues including Rafa’s injury & knees, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic.

Here are a few excerpt from his latest interview to “Smash” Magazine :::



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Poem on the SuperCaliFragilisticExplialidocious Rafael Nadal Parera

Dear All,

It feels so good to be writing again on a site which got me addicted to writing. As you all know, I have been darn busy in so many things. So, I recently wrote the great champion Rafael Nadal.

Here’s my attempt of saluting the great Rafa ————-


Tennis Fans world over with their full spirit,

Will always off their hats to Rafa’s Grit.

Born in the year of Nineteen eighty six,

His determination always puts every one in a fix….



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Vamos Rafa & Of course Roger :-) .


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Warning :::: Any reproduction of this poem in any form any where without prior permission from me is severely prohibited & will be liable to legal repercussions..

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