Should Rafael Nadal be given a protected seeding or a top 4 seeding at French Open, 2013?


Yesterday there was a report in a French Website¬†RMCSPORT, which quoted Roland Garros committee member and former French Davis Cup captain Guy Forget as, “Roland Garros should change the seedings system for French Open, 2013 to avoid a Quarter-Final clash between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic as it would be a shame to see Rafa and Djokovic playing in the Quarters,”



Before we go any further, let me firstly clarify that Rafael Nadal still has a mathematical chance of regaining No. 4 ranking before French Open, 2013. For a detailed in-depth analysis as to how it is possible, click here.



Now, let us consider, that Rafael Nadal won’t be able to regain 4th Rank before French Open, 2013 & will be ranked 5th after Italian Open (Rome Masters), 2013. So, if we go by Rankings, Rafa Nadal would get the 5th Seeding at French Open, 2013.


So, what that means, Rafa Nadal being the 5th seed can face any of the Top-4 seeds in the Quarter-Finals of French Open, 2013.





So, should the Roland Garros organizing committee do the same like Wimbledon does & tinker the seedings for French Open, 2013?



Should Rafael Nadal be given a special or a protected seeding of #4 at French Open, 2013 to keep the interest in the tournament alive?


How fair will it be give a higher seeding to Rafa Nadal given that David Ferrer will be 300 points ahead of Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray will be 2200 ATP points ahead of Rafael Nadal?


Should Rafael Nadal be given a higher seeding (at Roland Garros, 2013) than David Ferrer or Andy Murray if he fails to regain the No. 4 ranking before the French Open, 2013?


As John McEnroe suggested, should Rafa Nadal be given the No. 1 seeding for French Open, 2013?


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