Roger Federer’s Tennis Schedule/Calendar/Programme in 2014

Now, that 2013 Tennis season is over, the thing to watch out for is the 2014 schedule that players will be announcing for the upcoming season.

For the last 3 years, Roger Federer announced his official schedule in the 3rd week of November. So, even 2014 schedule of Roger Federer is expected any time soon.



Roger Federer’s 2014 schedule is likely to be announced in this week


As, Roger Federer has announced that he will start off his 2014 season by playing at Brisbane International starting from 30th December, 2013.


Also, Richard Krajicek has confirmed that Roger Federer won’t be playing at Rotterdam Open in 2014.

So, is that a hint that Roger Federer might decide to fly to Belgrade to play in the Davis Cup 1st round vs Team Serbia in February, 2014?

The next big question if you are a Federer fan is that, will Roger Federer in 2014 play at Davis Cup or Miami Masters or Monte Carlo Masters or Toronto Masters or for that matter, China Open or Tokyo Open? These are some of the bigger tournaments that Roger Federer missed in 2013.

Federer had taken a wildcard for German Open, Hamburg & Swiss Open, Gstaad in 2013, will he do the same in 2014 or not?

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