Happiest Month of My Social Networking Life

Hello All, Welcome once again to my Blog. Its been almost 3 weeks since I last posted but have been very busy with many things including Twitter as you will get an idea after going through the entire post..


So, today, I will share about the Happiest , Most Successful & Most Satisfying month of my entire Social Networking Life <3 ..


I have been on at least one Social Networking Site Since July, 2004. Though, took a 3 year break in between because of Social Networking fatigue & other commitments of life :-)


Why & How September will always be the most special Social Networking month of my life to remember for aeons? ;-)


I’m very sure all of you aware what twitter is & how it works.


Let me just post a small tutorial link what Top Tweet Means & How does Twitter Select a tweet to be Top Tweet / TopTweet ?




It all began during this year’s US OPEN…


1) On 5th September, 2011, during the 4th Round intriguing match between Alexandr Dolgopolov & Novak Djokovic ,


I tweeted :::


Guys, add #DOLGOPOLOV to your memory data base & in your dictionary of your smart phones. This Guy will go Miles from here. #USOPEN #TENNIS


With in seconds, my Inbox was flooded with E-mails from Twitter Notifying about the plethora of Re-tweets that this tweet was getting from so many users who were searching DOLGOPOLOV & US OPEN at that time.. Alexandr Dolgopolov was giving such a tough fight to Djokovic in the first Set tie-breaker.


With in minutes, Dolgopolov was a world wide trend & my tweet was Top tweet in this worldwide trend :)


Picture of the same :::





This was my 1st ever TopTweet & easily got more than 200 Re-Tweets :)


Another view of this Top Tweet…



Even After 10 hours, it was a Top Tweet :-)



2) If it was just a Trailer, the real blockbuster Movie was to start now :)


Since, no play was possible on 6th & 7th September at Flushing Meadows, 2011 because of consistent Rains in New York City,


so, on 7th September, I tweeted::


Heard that #ROOF @ #USOPEN can be made in USD 120 to 150 Million, I’m ready to contribute triple if #USTA names one stadium on me :) #TENNIS


Never had I in the wildest of my dreams thought that people will like this tweet this much :-)


With in 3 minutes, I’d got 150+ RT’s & I absolutely was pinching myself …


What still makes me immensely proud & happy, that on that very day, Tweet of my Child Hood Hero Jimmy Connors also became a TopTweet on the same topic :)


Pic ::



This Picture is the Kodak Moment of my Social Networking life :-) .. Great to be in the company of my childhood hero Jimmy Connors as his tweet too was a Top Tweet along with me :) )))…


This picture & moment I will cherish till Aeons :)


Needless, to say, that my tweet was also TopTweet in the #Roof hashtag



Wonder what the Marketing guys who deal & market stuff related to Roof would have felt after seeing this ??




3) Roger Federer ‘s loss in the Semi Final on 10th September, 2011 to Novak Djokovic was indeed very painful to all of his fans & it still hurts really bad on remembering that he lost after two match points :( (


So, after the loss, I posted a #SUNSET pic taken at #BASIL ….




Possibly, its my Reward for Worshipping the Setting Sun ?? :-)


Getting a TOP TWEET on the so very popular hashtag or the meta tag of SunSet or Sun Set really meant a lot…


Needless, to say, the same tweet was a Top tweet under the #DepressedTweet & #BROKEN hashtag as well






Would have been so better had Federer won………….




4)  Now, again on the Final day of the US Open on 12 th September 2011, before the match I had tweeted that


#TEAMNADAL make some noice & cheer for our Champ Rafa #VAMOSRAFA


Clearly, that tweet jinxed rafa and he played very ordinarily in the first two sets…


So, for a change, I tweeted this




Amazingly, this tweet became a toptweet in #TEAMDJOKOVIC hashtag during the match … I still couldn’t understand if Djokovic or Nadal or Federer’s fans re-tweeted this tweet :)




5) If all this wasn’t sufficient, after the US OPEN got over, on 14th September-2011, I tweeted this and once again it got plethora of Re-Tweets :)



This tweet was a TopTweet under the #TENNIS HASTAG :)


Nutshell, if you wish to get a Top Tweet on any topic, ensure that the Tweet is Humorous & easy to read..



6) If all these Tennis related Tweets became TopTweet, how could a Tweet related to one of the all time Greatest Cricketer be left out of this race ??


On 16th September 2011, Rahul Dravid was playing the last ODI match of his career & every one at twitter was kind enough to re-tweet my tribute to Dravid :)


This tweet was a Top tweet under the #DRAVID #JAMMY as well as ODI hashtag :)









This was the complete story which made September, 2011 as the happiest Social Networking month of my life :-)


A big thanks to all of you who re-tweeted any of these tweets & I tried to follow every one who re-tweeted these tweets :-)


Hope, you all enjoyed reading this post..Comments & +1 Appreciated :)


PS: If you have any objection to your pic getting displayed in any of the screen shots  that I posted, please drop in a line, I will immediately, remove the said pic…….








Tribute to the Great Wall of India !!!!

Hello again, thanks again for dropping in here :-) ..


Ever since, I read about Rahul Sharad Dravid or R S Dravid or Rahul Dravid or Jammy or the Wall (More Info::  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rahul_Dravid)  in 1993, I always knew that he had the perfect temperament & caliber to reach great heights.



A Pic of Young Rahul Dravid (some time in 1994)


Now, after 15 years of making his debut, I really feel he has done great justice to his talent with his sheer work ethics & dedication..



(Image courtesy: Lord’s Cricket Ground)


It was a childhood dream to see his name appear on the Honor’s board at Lord’s as in his debut match, he got out after scoring 95 on 22-June-1996 and after 15 years, 1 month & 1 day, finally, managed to see his name appear on the Honors board at Lord’s..


While scoring this century, he also became the 2nd highest run scorer in the Test Cricket history & surpassed Ricky Ponting :-)


So, here’s a poem that I myself have written on the Great Wall of India :)


To bat with such amazing concentration Innings after Innings,

Is way Beyond anyone’s Imagining..

On Yet Another chilly Saturday, Jammy Made History,

As all of us in the cricketing world, saw him with Mystery..


On a Lively wicket, Dravid Does Sizzle,

& The Bowlers are in a Puzzle..

Bowl Short or full is the Dilemma,

As they Find his Batting Technique an Enigma.

Bowl short & he will duck to give the ball a Ticket,

Bowl full & he will spank you straight down the Wicket..




A Batsman of perfect Concentration, Subtle & Guile,

Combining Technique, Perfection, & Craft with Wile..

Soft Spoken, Humility is his Symbol,

When he bats, bowlers Tremble..

He is Cricketing history’s true Hero,

As he has made great Bowlers look like Zero..


His Defence (Defense) has tired many bowlers in to the Pavillion,

his heroism has sent whole team in to Obvilion.

His super & fantastic heroic achievement,

has made him man of the Moment..


Born in the Year of Nineteen Seventy Three,

his work ethics are for every one to see.

His love for the Great Tri-Colour (Indian Flag)

has always been proven in every rubber..


His motto to do the Unfinished job for others,

Makes him different from all others.

More Glory to himself & fresh laurels to the country,

May his Work Ethics inspire every one in the coming centuries…..



Rahul Dravid batted with a broken jaw at Jamaica on 15-April-2002 & went on to score his 10th 100 :-) … Man of steel !!


Thanks for reading. Do share your views & comments !!