Will Rafael Nadal play at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013?

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Today morning, many Swiss newspapers reported that Swiss Indoors, Basel tournament president Roger Brennwald (whom Google translator always translates as Burning Forests for reasons which are beyond me) is in advanced talks with Rafael Nadal for playing at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013.


I was shell-shocked to hear this news. Mainly because I don’t think, Rafa’s knees are that perfect that he can risk playing an ATP-500 tournament.


So, will Rafa Nadal sign up a contract with Swiss Indoors, Basel for playing in 2013?



rafa muscles.jpeg


Photo of shirt-less Rafael Nadal as he changes his shirt after the Quarter-final match of Barcelona Open. Pic taken by Enrique Carrion



So, I wrote a full fledged article on our Tennis forum mentioning why I feel that Rafa Nadal shouldn’t play at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013, even if gets offered a 1 million CHF/ USD contract offer.


You can read the full article here —-





PS: Also, I need to mention that amidst all rumors, Roger Federer in an interview to Rene Stauffer had clarified that he will be playing at Swiss Indoors, Basel 2013 without a contract. I had also translated the full interview, even Rene Stauffer had actually tweeted the link. In case, you missed that translated interview of Roger Federer given to Rene Stauffer, you can read it on our forum right here.


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