What are the odds on Roger Federer winning Wimbledon 2012?

After a tough, 3rd round match vs Benneteau, every one seems to be questioning,

Is Roger Federer getting slow?

Is age catching up on Roger Federer?

Why is his backhand letting him down?

Where has his famous backhand slice gone?

So, in this article of mine, I wish to answer all these questions & all your comments are welcome :).

Read on, if you wish to know, will Roger Federer be able to win Wimbledon 2012 or not?

Will all his fans, get to add one more Wimbledon trophy in this amazing collection of collage?

ermira WImb.jpg


So, does roger federer still has the energy left to win another wimbledon ??


Can Roger Federer beat Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals of the wimbledon 2012?


Can Roger Federer beat Andy Murray or Jo Wil Fried Tsonga in the final of wimbledon 2012?


What are the odds on Roger winning another wimbledon?

Will he be fit after his injury (read more about his back pain here )


To explain all this, I made a 10 point reasoning explaining, why I feel Roger Federer can win Wimbledon 2012?



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