ATP Ranking Scenarios after Wimbledon 2012

As all of you are aware that Wimbledon championships are starting from 25th June, 2012. There is no denying of the fact, that Wimbledon is no doubt the most followed Grand slam of all the four slams.

But, this year, promises to be even more interesting especially from a Top 4 point of view :::

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Novak Djokovic will be defending his Wimbledon title & also, he became no. 1 in 2011 by winning the Wimbledon 2011. So, he has to defend not just the title but also, complete one full year at Number. 1.

Rafael Nadal will be trying for his third Wimbledon title & if he manages to win Wimbledon,he has a chance to get to No. 1, also, he will become the first ever man in the history of Tennis to do the “Old World Triple” twice in his career.

Old world triple means winning titles at Rome, Paris & London.

Roger Federer will be trying for his 17th Grand slam & his 7th Wimbedon & a chance to regain No. 1.

Andy Murray too will be trying for his 1st ever Grand slam.

So, this post of mine is to cover all ranking scenarios post Wimbledon 2012, so read on —-

Now, these are the latest ATP ranking points of top 8 as announced on 18th June, 2012 :::

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